Final Fantasy Tactics chamber arrangement

Here's a new arrangement of "Antipyretic" for chamber orchestra, featured on ZODIAC: Final Fantasy Tactics Remixed.


Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto

Arranged by David Peacock

Performed by:

Sean Schafianski - Flutes

Kristin Naigus - Oboe

Lori Syngajewski - Bass & Bb Clarinet

May Claire La Plante - Harp

Augustine Mayuga Gonzales - Piano

Patti Rudisill - Violins

Andrew Steffen - Viola

Andrew Stern - Cello

Mixed by Fredrik Häthén

Mastered by Michael Schiciano


Vagrant Story (the “Joshua” theme)

I consider there to be two main themes in Vagrant Story: the “good” theme, and the “evil” theme. This is my variation on the good theme, I consider to be the “Joshua Bardorba” theme. Triplet ostinatos in the left hand contrasting the duplet melody in the right hand before a swell to chordal climax.