Joe Hisaishi short piano medley

Unwinding from the visit to California and seeing Joe Hisaishi live in concert,  I wanted to put together a little sort of sketch/medley on piano with a few of his Ghibli themes and motifs.

Includes material from Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä, Ponyo, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle - this was fun to weave together, though there are so many other themes I wish I could have included!

Click here for the cleaned up sheet music

"Animex LIVE presents Austin Wintory"


I had the pleasure of working with composer Austin Wintory to orchestrate and arrange music for what’s sure to be an exciting and moving concert. Along with re-orchestrations of some of the music to fit in this particular live setting, listen out for an exciting orchestral arrangement of Monaco main theme "What’s Yours is Mine", and a full-orchestral version "We Will Not Be Forgotten" from The Banner Saga! Featuring the Cleveland Philharmonic Symphony at Middlesbrough Town Hall, Middlesbrough, England. Tickets and info here:

Laced Records Interview


I had the opportunity to chat with Thomas Quillfeldt for Laced With Wax (Laced Records' blog). We talk about the video game music community, arranging music with the original composers involved, and other various aspects of my career so far.

Check it out here.

Disasters for Piano

*UPDATE* Audio out now! Check here!


Some exciting announcements!

In collaboration with Disasterpeace, we've put together a selection of solo piano arrangements called "Disasters for Piano". For now, the digital PDF sheet music booklet is available, with audio coming very soon, and talks of some on-demand physical sheet music options in the works :)


From Disasterpeace's blog:

 'Disasters for Piano', A collection of Disasterpeace works arranged (for piano) by David Peacock.

'Disasters for Piano', A collection of Disasterpeace works arranged (for piano) by David Peacock.

"One day I saw an Instagram video of someone performing a short snippet of 'Forgotten' from FEZ on piano.

I was really taken by David's style, watched all of his clips and reached out to complement him and see if he might want to work on a piano arrangement. What followed was a long and fruitful collaboration - an open invitation to David to explore my catalogue and tackle what he liked, and a whole lot of back and forth as we refined and honed in on an eclectic set of piano arrangements."

Download (PDF)